What is APAC Rugby

APAC Rugby invests in and creates innovative Rugby union concepts for the Asia Pacific.

We believe there is exciting opportunity for Rugby as a sport, and cannot wait to bring more concepts like the “Gold Cap Invitational” to the Rugby community.

For more information about the Gold Cap Invitational, click here.

We look forward to working with like-minded stakeholders from stadium owners, to local Rugby communities, to broadcasters and governing bodies to provide new and exciting opportunities for the great game of Rugby.

Why are we investing in Rugby Union in the Asia Pacific?

  • We see Rugby Union as a stale sporting product in the region that requires an injection of funding and creativity.
  • We see professional Rugby as being disconnected from its community (particularly in Australia) highlighted by larger crowds at local club games than at Super Rugby fixtures.
  • There is a void of Rugby playing opportunities between the club system and the professional game.
  • We want to create more pathways and opportunities for talented Rugby Union players to become professional athletes in Australia, Pacific Islands, Asia and Middle East.

How will we invest?

  • We will invest in innovative Rugby concepts, which may range from exhibition matches, to competitions, broadcast technology and player development academies or systemisation.
  • We will always be open to a formal association with national Rugby organisations and the respective state or provincial bodies, but we do not need their sanctioning to achieve our goals.
  • We intend to work closely with local Rugby union clubs and associations to ensure local talent is provided with opportunities to develop and compete as professional Rugby players.